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YLB Salon Shrewsbury Eyelash Extensions


YLB Salon Shrewsbury


Acrylic Nails | Gel Nails | Gel Polish | Manicure | YLB Salon Shrewsbury



Acrylic is a strong substance used to lengthen or change the shape of the nail. An extension is placed on to the end of the natural nail, to create length. The natural nail is buffed to remove any oil and create a rough surface for the glue to adhere the tip to the nail. Once this is done a bonder is applied, followed by the acrylic powder and liquid monomer mixed together which creates the acrylic. This is then applied to the extension to build the nail and mould the shape, the nail is then filed, buffed and painted with gel polish. Acrylic nails usually last up to 4 weeks and generally need infilling every two to three weeks, dependant on growth.

Nails at YLB Shrewsbury Salon

Gel nails work in the same way as Acrylic extensions, the gel is applied to the nails extension, to build the shape and create length. Gel comes in different forms and viscositys, builder gel is great for overlays and short extensions and can be soaked off. The other gel used is hard gel, this is used for longer extensions to privide extra strength, however this can't be soaked off and needs to be filed to be removed. Gel is a great alternative if you have an allergy to Acrylic, it is also lighter and more flexible.


Gel is similar to normal polish but lasts much longer, usually around 2-3 weeks. Gel polish is applied similarly to that of a normal polish, but instead of waiting for it to dry it is cured under a uv/led lamp. The result is a glossy, chip free manicure. 

It is important to get gel polish, and any nail enhancements removed properly by a professional to avoid any damage to the natural nail.

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An overlay is where Acrylic, or gel is applied to the natural nail to give added strength and protection. This aids growth and creates a good base for gel polish to be applied on a regular basis, i would highly recommend builder gel for an overlay. Builder gel is easy to apply, easy to remove and can be infilled for a longer period of time, it also contains a lot less chemicals compared to most products. This leaves your nails healthy, and allows them to strengthen over time.

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Acrylic Nails nail art.jpg


Acrylic and Gel Extensions £30

Acrylic and Gel Infill £24

Acrylic and Gel Overlay £25

Overlay Infill £20

All of the above include Gel Polish.

File & Gel Polish £20

Gel Polish Removal £7 (free if re-applying)

Nail Art £1 per nail

Nail Repair £2 per nail


Express Pedi £18

Pedi £30

Luxury Pedi £35

Express Mani £18

Manicure £25

Deluxe Mani £30

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