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YLB Salon Shrewsbury


Dermal Fillers | YLB Salon Shrewsbury


Lip Fillers 

By far her most popular treatments. Lip fillers are great for restoring lost volume in lips and also adding volume & shape. Whether you want to retain a more natural look, or want that pouty, glamorous look;   she offers a range of techniques to suit. Including: the ‘Russian’ or ‘tenting’ technique, as well as other styles to suit you.  

0.5ml - £90

0.7ml - £110 

1.1ml - £130 

£30 deposit required to book.


Cheek Enhancement  

Cheek Enhancement creates a more contoured and defined look and can also be used to restore lost volume in the face. For more mature skin it has a slight lifting effect to the face making the face appear more youthful. 

1.1ml - £130 

2.2ml - £240

£30 deposit required to book.

Dermal Fillers Lip Fillers

Non-Surgical Nose Job 

Also known as the “liquid rhinoplasty” or “lunch time nose job” it is an amazing alternative than going under the knife. Filler is added to various areas of the nose, making it appear smoother and, in most cases, smaller. The filler can be used to disguise and hide bumps or humps in the nose, as well as adding a ‘tip lift’ to the end of the nose, enhancing your side profile. 

£150 including 2-4 week touch up.

Top up £130

£30 deposit required to book.


Chin Augmentation

This is perfect for those who have an unwanted dimple in their chin, or those who want a more angular, contoured look to the face. This treatment works well when combined with jawline filler, but can also be done on its own. 

1.1ml £130 | 2.2ml £240 | 3.3ml £330 | 4.4ml £420 | £5.5ml £510

£30 deposit required to book.


Jawline Enhancement  

Filler is placed along the jawline to create a sharp, contoured look. This treatment can also be used to reduce the appearance of sagging skin around the jawline area. Jawline filler works well in combination with cheek and chin filler, but can be done on its own. 

1.1ml £130 | 2.2ml £240 | 3.3ml £330 | 4.4ml £420 | £5.5ml £510

£30 deposit required to book.

Nose-To-Mouth Lines  

Also known as Nasolabial Folds or “smile lines”. Filler is used to smooth out any lines and create a smooth, youthful appearance. 

£130 per area

£30 deposit required to book.

Dermal Filler Frown Lines

Downturned Mouth Lines  

Also known as Marionette Lines or “sad mouth”. These lines make the mouth and face appear sad. By adding filler it lifts the lips making them appear happier and youthful. For the best results from this treatment it is recommended that it’s combined with lip filler.  

£130 per area 

£30 deposit required to book.


Frown Lines 

Also known as ‘11s’. The lines that appear between the brows as we age. Filler is used to lift out the lines, leaving a smooth, youthful appearance. 

£130 per area 

£30 deposit required to book.


Filler Package Deals

Customise your own package:

(First time non-surgical nose job subject to £20 surcharge)

2ml£240 | 3ml £330 | 4ml £420 | 5ml £510 | 6ml £600

Lips & Skin

1ml lip fillers and dermaplaning facial glow up for any event with fresh lips and glowing skin.


Lips Dissolve and Refill

Perfect if you feel your lips have lost shape and definition after multiple treatments or if you have filler migration. £50 deposit required to book.


Combo Facial

A single microneedling treatment followed by a dermaplaning facial

£30 deposit required to book.




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