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YLB Salon Shrewsbury


Acne Consultation | Dermaplaning | Dermapen Microneedling | YLB Shrewsbury


Acne consultation with Chloe's Skin Lab - 45 minute skin analysis and in depth consultation specifically for stubborn acne to help you gain the best knowledge regarding home care, diet and hormones. I can also cross refer you if unsuitable for treatment with myself. Cost of consultation redeemable against treatment programme if suitable. 

Consultations required prior to all treatment.


A manual exfoliation with a surgical scalpel to remove keratinised skin cells, ‘peach fuzz’ velous haïr and allow for Better penetration of topical skincare products. 

Can be combined with growth factor serums for collagen stimulation or lactic acid peel to lighten, brighten and hydrate.

Dermaplaning with mask - £40

Dermaplaning with growth factors £50

Dermaplaning with lactic acid peel £50

microneedling Acne treatment

Dermapen Microneedling also known as 

Collagen induction therapy. Involves creating controlled trauma to the skin using tiny sterile needles in a pen. This process stimulates type 1 collagen (known as baby collagen) and elastin production. Fantastic for treating acne scarring, fine lines, textures, post-inflammatory pigmentation and overall rejuvenation. 

For best results courses of 3-6 are recommended however can be used at a lower tolerance monthly for anti aging treatment. 

£150 per treatment 

Course of 3- £405

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